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24034 Cisano Bergamasco/ITALY


Garden Agricultural Tools: Bill-Hooks, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Axes, Bush Hooks,   Forestry Tools: Cant Hooks, Forestry Axes, Skidding Tongs, Fire Rake,



Our company originates from the antique tradition of iron-working and today specializes in the production of forged hand tools for gardening and for farming as well as in manual tools for cutting and handling of wood and trunks. This is done in perfect harmony with the changes the market requires, while the century-old features of finish and quality of all our items are maintained so as to satisfy the needs of the woodcutter.

It is our goal to progressively expand to international markets and we aspire to become protagonists of the "MADE IN ITALY " in our particular field of production.

Another of our aims, which might also be your target, is the specialization in the production of tools of medium/low consumption rates, which have been eliminated from the production range of big companies. This is possible thanks to our capacity of continuing various antique working methods of forging and rolling, without renouncing the most recent laser-techniques used for steel cutting and C.N.C. sharpening procedures.